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We can provide you with the latest and best knowledge about UK education and visa process and can guide to according to your choice about possible institution and area options..
We provide individual and customised counselling to every client.
Help in choosing College, University and Course according to the students profile and interest.
Encourage parents to meet our experts and make them understand the UK Education, Visa Process, Financial requirements etc.
Guidance in preparing the relevant documents and keep close communication with the students institution.
Provide pre departure and post landing orientation to the student once visa is granted.
Help students in IELTS preparation as we have in house facility and best instructors along with best infrastructure.
Make students meet various College / University delegates through in House seminars conducted by institute representatives and our expert counselling staff.
We give honest and up to date information to our clients and even help them in various ways.
Formality of getting the offer letter from a UK institution of your choice and complete admission process.
We help you with entire Visa Process including and Visa Lodgement etc.
• We Specialise in student and career Counseling where we give individual counseling to each student aspiring to study in UK whether at Undergraduate or Post Graduate level.
• We help student in choosing alternative options (2nd destination), should students’ initial choices be unsuccessful.