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Student visa English language requirements

Some student visa applicants may need to provide the results of an English language test with their visa application.

Student visa evidentiary requirements

Where you need to provide documentary evidence, you will need to provide one of the following with your visa application:
• evidence of an acceptable English language test score
• evidence that you fall within an exempt category.
If you are not required to provide evidence of your English language capacity, we will retain the discretion to seek evidence of English language proficiency where appropriate.

Acceptable English language test score

Where evidence of English Ianguage is required, the following minimum English language test score from the following providers will be accepted:


*The TOEFL paper based test will only be accepted from limited countries.

** The Occupational English Test includes a mark between A and E. An A or B is considered a pass.

The test must have been taken no more than two years before the student visa application is made.

Where our online application system indicates that documentary evidence of English language proficiency is required, it is important for you to attach these documents to your visa application before lodging your application. Failure to do so may result in visa refusal.

English language exemptions

If a student fall into one of the following student categories, they are exempt from providing evidence of English language proficiency requirements with your visa application:

  • students enrolled in fulltime school studies as a principal course, including secondary exchange programmes; postgraduate research courses; standalone English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS); and Foreign Affairs or Defence sponsored students
  • students who have completed at least five years’ study in one or more of the following countries: Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, or the Republic of Ireland
  • citizens and passport holders of one of the following English‑speaking countries: UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Republic of Ireland
  • students who have successfully completed in Australia in the English language either the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or studies at the Certificate IV or higher level, in the two years before applying for the student visa.

The full list of English language exemption categories is specified in a Legislative Instrument.

Packaging English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

There is no limitation on the maximum duration of ELICOS study that can be undertaken. Genuine students are able to undertake as much ELICOS study as either a standalone course or prior to their principal course, as required.