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Canadian Education System chart

According to the United Nations, Canada offers one of the highest qualities of life. This is one Country which provides its people a public health system, public transport and first-rate education. The Education in Canada is one of the best in the world and one can experience multicultural environment.

The people of Canada are very warm and welcoming by nature and are also open to other cultures. There are people from all over the world in Canada and this diversity is celebrated in daily life with many cultural activities to do and restaurants that serve international cuisine.

Canada is ranked within the first in the G-7 countries in terms of education. Diplomas and Degrees obtained in Canada are internationally recognized just as those obtained in the United States of America or the rest of the Commonwealth countries.Many universities in Canada are ranked among the top 100 in the world and always remain in that category year after year.

With quality and more affordable tuition, safe cities, employment options (both during and after the study period), and as a pathway to Canadian permanent residence, the decision to study in Canada can be one of the most important, and best, decisions made by young people from around the world.

Moreover, an increasing number of Canadian education institutions are quickly gaining global renown for the breadth of research and learning opportunities on offer.To learn more about specific advantages that studying in Canada can offer, compared with competitor countries, consider the following:

  • Canada is a vast, diverse nation with different living and learning environments. One can choose any province for higher studies.
  • Transfer programs allow international students in Canada to begin studying at a college, but later transfer to a university.
  • Foreign spouses or common-law partners of international students can also come to Canada with an open work permit.
  • International students in Canada can work off-campus while studying, allowing them to gain an income, build up valuable Canadian work experience, and make professional connections that can help kick-start their career.
  • Upon graduation, international students in Canada may obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permitfor up to three years. This open work permit allows graduates to work for any employer in Canada.

Canada wants its cohort of international students to build their careers in Canada. Therefore, there are many ways for students to obtain Canadian permanent resident status after completing studies in Canad


The Universities in Canada offer world class education. One can select from many universities located in all parts of Canada with both urban and rural settings. Canadian universities are largely publicly funded; as a result they are of a consistently high quality, regardless of location or area of study. Every year many Canadian Universities are rated among the top 100 in the world. The Universities generally offer Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs. But apart from this many of them offer variety of specialised Diploma or Post Diploma Programs.


University colleges combine Canadian university and college traditions, with a strong base of applied and academic programs offered in campus environments. They offer variety of Programs like Certificates and Diplomas apart from university degrees.


Most of the Community colleges are publicly funded institutions and their the primary goal is responding to the training needs of business, industry and the public service sectors. They also meet the educational needs of vocationally-oriented secondary school graduates, employment-seeking university graduates, as well as the lifelong learning requirements of the adult population. They offer professional programs in the form of certificates, diploma or advanced diploma programs ranging from 1 to 3 years. Many of these programs offer co-op term which means a work option semester where a student can gain valuable work experience related to their studies. The programs offered are more practical and job oriented.


Career Colleges and Technical Institutes are privately owned institutions that offer training programs that provide students with practical skills for the job market after a short period of instruction. These institutions are provincially approved and regulated, ensuring that program standards and quality are maintained.Students seeking short-term training programs in IT, multimedia, graphic design, Film production, Travel industry, insurance generally choose these institutions. The emphasis at these institutions is on practical skills and some may specialize in specific areas such as business, computers and accounting skills.


This is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of a program which is usually one year in duration. These programs are typically offered by colleges.


This is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of a program which is usually two years in duration. These programs are typically offered by colleges.


This is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of a program which is usually three years in duration. These programs are typically offered by colleges. Many of these programs offer co-op education where students gets a chance to work while studying in his field.


This undergraduate program is a post senior secondary qualification awarded on successful completion of three to four years of study. These programs are typically offered by universities and lead to graduate level studies.


This undergraduate program comprises a higher degree of concentration in the honors subject, as well as a higher level of academic achievement. At some universities, an honors degree may require an additional year of study.


These are typically Graduate programs of one or two years offered after graduation by both colleges and universities. They offer specialised training in a particular field and are more practical and job oriented.


This graduate program is awarded on successful completion of two years of study.These programs are offered by universities and could comprise combination of course work and research.


This graduate program is the highest qualification awarded on successful completion of four to seven years of study.The program comprises some coursework,but primarily assessed on original research and thesis submitted.