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Education in Canada is affordable and one can pay tuition semester wise.

  • The general Tuition fee per semester is around $7000 but it varies from province to Province. Usually Tuition fee of one year (2 semesters) is around $15000.
  • There are certain colleges especially in British Columbia where Tuition fee is as low as $4500 per semester.

As Canada is a vast country, the Living cost again varies from City to City in Canada. Generally $10,000 are sufficient for a student to cover entire one year living cost where the boarding & Lodging per month varies from $300-$600 depending on type of accommodation.

The food and travelling costs anywhere between $200-$300 depending on the lifestyle of the student. The other cost generally includes clothing, stationary and laundry which varies again depending on ones lifestyle.
In general a student can afford his one month living from $600-$900 depending on choice of accommodation and living lifestyle.

NOTE: The preferred way of showing Living cost nowadays in Canada is through buying a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 plus $200 as Administrative cost of the Bank of Nova Scotia totalling $10,200.Only two banking institutions including Bank of Nova Scotia and ICICI Bank Canada are authorised for issuing GIC Certificates. You can follow the link below for more information about Scotia Bank GIC Program for Indian Students.